What is Fogging?

  • Fogging is the use of Thermal-Pneumatic Energy machinery that emits a 60 micron-fine vapour which binds fast-acting and eco-friendly  disinfectants to all surfaces killing bacteria and viruses and allowing re-entry into previously contaminated environments.
  • We use German designed and built thermal machinery that sterilizes and disinfects your environment and kills 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses
  • Machinery is ISO 9001 Accredited and recognized by W.H.O (World Health Organization)

What are the benefits?

Ensure hard-to-reach places are sanitised
Reduce idle time in the workplace by sterilising environments.
Allow peace of mind for customer, employer and employee.

What disinfectant do we use?

A product that has been locally developed, tested and used across all industries for over a decade.
It is so good we use it ourselves and sell it in our online shop! CLICK HERE
SABS and SANS 1828 (Food Grade) – Intertek Europe
Child, pet and environmentally friendly
Certified organic

Are we accredited?

Of course we are!
All our products are accredited with local and international standards.
FogSquad employees are also accredited with the South African Sanitisation Accreditation Council CLICK HERE for more info!

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